Our Environment category looks at the resources restaurants consume, from field to fork, and what 


happens to what’s left behind.

There are five key areas of focus, and we’ve taken expert advice to draw up a blueprint for the planet-friendly restaurant.

Water saving means less money going down the drain needlessly and thinking about the additional resources our water consumption uses up.

Workplace resources in a restaurant is everything from paper products and cleaning materials right down to the materials the building is made of – all have an environmental impact.

Supply chain practices have economic and social effects, as well as environmental ones. A responsible supply chain policy is at the heart of a sustainable restaurant.

Waste management should involve reducing, reusing and recycling what we can and avoiding the lure of easy landfilling.

Energy efficiency is about combating climate change by keeping our carbon footprint on the small side. For bright sparks who think sustainably, there’s the added incentive of cutting costs.


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