What people are saying


On the SRA

‘The SRA adds clarity and vision within an increasingly rowdy and often confusing commercial environment. As a business their fast & rigorous response in helping us make the right & practical decision is paramount and unrivalled.’
Andrei Lussmann, Owner, Lussmanns

‘The SRA has done more to promote real ethics in the industry than anyone, here in the UK or for that matter in the West.’
Tom Beeston, Food Director, Eat England

‘The Sustainable Restaurant Association is a fantastic initiative that deserves a lot of recognition and we wish them the best of luck.’
Peter Kreiner, Managing Director, Noma

On working with us

‘Looking after our staff, the community and the environment has always been an important focus at Drake & Morgan and we were thrilled to have received a 3-star rating from the SRA in 2012. In 2013, as we look to expand the business we want to ensure that we continue to act as sustainably as possible and we know that the SRA are well equipped to deliver us the practical support and advice we need to help us do this.’
Jillian MacLean, Founder, Drake & Morgan

‘Working with the SRA helps you to recognise where you can actively use your business’s attributes to contribute to the people around you who need it, in whatever way you can.’
Manny SawhneyDirector, Asperion Hotels

‘We have saved between 35 – 40% of our costs for rubbish collection since we opened by compacting card and paper waste, by sending back packaging to our suppliers and bottling our own water to reduce glass waste. Separating our food waste has also helped to reduce rubbish removal costs, and carefully monitoring internal waste practices has given the restaurant bargaining power to renegotiate a more cost effective waste management contract. We have found the suggestions, email updates and guidelines from the Sustainable Restaurant Association incredibly helpful. Participation in the SRA Food Waste Survey had an impact on the managers and has inspired us to educate the whole team.’
Candi Giacchetti, General Manager, The Modern Pantry

‘We worked with the Sustainable Restaurant Association to ensure the Icelandic cod in our Fish Finger Wrap was from a sustainable source. The customer response has been really positive and it has quickly become our number one seller.’
Georgie Sanderson, Head of Marketing, Leon

On Sustainability Rating

‘Our aim from the very beginning was to create a group of sustainable, well-­priced British restaurants so we are thrilled to receive a Three Star award from the SRA. We look forward to developing our ethical practices even further in the future with the help of our dedicated staff and suppliers.’
Tina English, managing director, Bumpkin

‘Firstly can I say how valuable I think this process is. It’s an excellent marker on improving your restaurant and becoming the kind of business we hope to be, and its provided ample food for thought in terms of areas that we can improve.’
Will Beckett, co-owner, Hawksmoor 

‘We’re thrilled with our SRA Sustainability Rating result. The rating process was thorough and credible and we have really benefited from the follow-up support from the Sustainable Restaurant Association. It’s not only a great way to gauge our sustainability but also recognises all the hard work we’ve been doing and is simple way of communicating that to our customers. We would urge any restaurant serious about its sustainability to undertake the Star Rating.’
Adam Pannell, Friends House

‘The review by the SRA gave us a chance for Waterhouse to assess how much we’ve achieved with sustainability to date as well as setting exciting new goals for the future.

The positive feedback we were given has left everyone at the Waterhouse feeling motivated to continue to aim higher and do more, especially as the SRA’s approach gave the whole team a chance to feed into the evidence gathering process.

Reaching the Three Stars benchmark has  given us a commercial value to our business for some of things we’ve always just done quietly because we believe they’re right, and letting our customers, new and old, know that we are truly committed to delivering the most socially and environmentally aware product we can.’ 
Andy Gold
, Waterhouse RestaurantShoreditch Trust

On our Sustainable Restaurant Awards

‘We are absolutely delighted to have received this award from the SRA, not only in recognition for all the hard work we put into sustainability across the board, but also when there are so many other great restaurants working hard in this area too. I think these awards are going to be a great annual event for shouting out about restaurants are doing, and can achieve, with all things green.’
Thomasina Miers, co-owner, Wahaca

‘We hope ODE will inspire and encourage chefs and restauranteurs to become involved with the SRA to understand the importance of sustainable practices in our industry.’
Tim Bougetco-owner, ODE

‘We are delighted that The Clink has won the SRA Innovation award. Joining the Sustainable Restaurant Association last year was the logical next step for us in our mission to be more committed to a sustainable future and this is certainly something we have already begun to achieve and will continue to strive towards.’
Chris Moore, Chief Executive at The Clink