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A good restaurant will… join us for this years’ Food Made Good Awards to recognise the extraordinary achievements of the whole sector and individual businesses committed to making food good for people and the planet.

The 2017 Food Made Good Awards will take place at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London on 5 October. 

Since the last Food Made Good Awards in March 2016 a lot has happened which has had, and will continue to have, an impact on the sustainability of our industry.

There are more pressures on all of us today than there were just 18 months ago making it harder for restaurateurs, contract caterers and suppliers to both make money and make a difference.

The Food Made Good Awards is about celebrating the positive impact that our industry has and the progress that has been made through our collective efforts in both pledging to, and actioning initiatives that are creating fairer and more sustainable business models.

It is also a forum where we can discuss the challenges and the hard decisions that each of us is having to make on a daily basis in an environment where it is becoming increasingly hard to do the right thing.

As part of the day SRA president Raymond Blanc and new director Prue Leith will present a series of awards to those in our industry who are leading the way – those who are going the extra mile to forge a more sustainable future. These are the businesses and individuals who spur us on and motivate us.

There will be inspiring stories, innovative solutions and of course great food & drink a plenty. Look out for further news in the coming weeks on the chefs, food businesses and suppliers who will be in attendance.

We look forward to welcoming you to this years’ Food Made Good Awards.

*The Food Made Good Awards lunch is a Member-only event