Your voice counts


You don’t have to leave your ethical and environmental values at home when you go out to eat…

Eating out should be fun. And it’s more enjoyable when you know that you can do so with a clear conscience.
Many of us do our bit for a more sustainable society both at home and at work, recycling, keeping an eye on our energy usage, buying food that’s kinder to the planet, and so on. So why should we have to leave those values at home when dining out? The answer is that we don’t! Eateries of all kinds, from fine dining restaurants to neighbourhood cafes, groups to independents, have signed up to the SRA and share your values.

You can help to demand greater sustainability from the restaurant industry. Support those places that are signed up and encourage those that aren’t to do so. Ask questions and use your purchasing power. It’s all about gentle persuasion! Be a part of something, and become a Friend of the SRA.

What you can do