Too Good To Waste


Food waste is a serious issue. For every meal eaten in a UK restaurant, nearly half a kilo of food is wasted – through preparation, spoilage and what’s left behind on the plate.

Too Good To Waste doggy box

We launched the Too Good To Waste campaign in London in October 2011, with the aim of raising both consumer and industry awareness about the appalling scale of restaurant food waste. The message? Think inside the box!

We’re throwing out a whopping 600,000 tonnes of food waste from restaurants every year, most of it filling up scarce landfill space. That’s the equivalent of three double decker buses for every restaurant! As well as the cost to the environment, this waste is costing us – restaurants and diners – a fortune. We estimate that 30% of food waste comes off diners’ plates – that’s a lot of leftovers!

But the problem can be tackled and we believe a 20% or 42,000 tonne reduction in food waste across London is achievable – meaning a lot less will go to landfill.

Diners – Show you’re a lover not a leaver

Too Good To Waste has been introducing diners to the ‘doggy box’, making it not just acceptable, but positive for diners to ask to take their leftover food home. Visit Too Good To Waste to find restaurants participating in the campaign and happy to offers diners to take leftovers home.

Restaurants – Box up, don’t bin

Too Good To Waste provides simple advice to restaurants on how to reduce food waste, including prep waste and spoilage, and supplies doggy boxes for restaurants to box up, rather than bin leftovers. Sign up your restaurant and show support by visiting Too Good To Waste.

What people are saying about our Too Good To Waste campaign

‘As a chef and restaurateur, I don’t want to see my good food go to waste either, so I fully endorse this worthwhile campaign.’
Antony Worrall Thompson

‘Food waste in restaurants is a massive problem and doggy bags are one excellent way of cutting waste… I’ll be right behind the SRA’s Too Good to Waste campaign.’
Hugh Fearnley-WhittingstallRiver Cottage

‘Pervin and I and everyone at Café Spice Namasté are extremely proud of our Three Star Sustainability Champion status from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, and we’re throwing our weight completely behind the SRA’s Too Good to Waste campaign.’
Cyrus Todiwala, Owner, Cafe Spice Namaste

‘We regard the Sustainable Restaurant Association as a sister organisation, working with the food industry and supporting the reduction of waste.’
Lindsay Boswell, CEO, FareShare