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Taking part in one of the Food Made Good campaigns is the starting point from which we’ll help you demonstrate your commitment to operating sustainably.

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Memberships to the SRA including your Food Made Good programme start at less than £10+VAT per week. You’ll benefit from an annual Food Made Good rating of your business and expert advice to overcome the wide array of sustainability challenges that others often overlook.

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Sustainability framework

Our sustainability framework guides the questions we ask businesses in our rating assessment and areas we support our members. We define sustainability in the most holistic way, helping over 5,000 food businesses achieve success across these 14 Key Areas.


SRA members have access to a library of sustainability related fact-sheets and resources to help guide them through the often challenging and grey topics of the subject. On topics as wide ranging as: sourcing responsibly, communicating sustainability and reducing food waste.


Network with other leaders across the industry and enhance your knowledge of how to operate your business sustainably. We bring our members together around common sustainability challenges and topics. The highlight of our year is the Sustainable Restaurant Awards, which celebrates the achievements of our industry.


The SRA’s new CPD accredited Sustainability Training programme empowers staff within hospitality businesses to confidently walk the talk when it comes to sustainability. SRA members are entitled to discounted rates on all of our training programmes.

Supplier Directory

Sourcing sustainably from suppliers providing everything from cleaning products to seafood and coffee machines shouldn’t be difficult. The SRA also approves food service suppliers for specific product lines and lists them all on our searchable Approved Supplier Directory.


Specific challenges require specific solutions. The SRA delivers a wide range of consultancy services for small and large hospitality businesses. Previously we have helped introduce good food into schools, reduced thousands of pounds worth of food waste bills for London restaurants and helped large chains identify their energy savings opportunities.

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Thousands of chefs in all types of restaurants and food outlets, from the Michelin-starred ones to fish and chip shops, are among those working with Food Made Good, demonstrating that good food can be produced sustainably no matter the style of venue.

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Joining the Sustainable Restaurant Association under a Food Made Good programme is not just about obtaining a measure of your food business’ sustainability. It’s about pin-pointing where and how your organisation can be more successful. Food Made Good has already empowered thousands of businesses to start talking about their food and sustainability achievements. Joining couldn’t be simpler than completing our form or talking to a member of our team.

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